Organisational Evaluation & Certification Services

Is there a “yes” among your answers to the following questions?


Would you like to asses and improve your ability to successfully execute projects?


Do you want to evaluate the ability of your wider business to provide the support required by your project organisation?


Would like to evaluate the ability of your organisation to develop project management talent, competencies and skills?


Do you want to evaluate whether your projects are aligned with your organisational strategy?


Would you like to evaluate your organisation’s performance in terms of project resource allocation?


Do you want to assess your project management processes and methods according to internationally recognized best practices?


Do you want your organisation’s maturity level to be certified?

Depending on your needs, we evaluate the maturity of your organisation’s project, program and portfolio management, we identify and highlight the gaps utilising recognised best practices. We propose tangible improvements and can certify your organisation’s maturity if you meet the criteria.

Two Assessments Models

IPEx Assessment and Certification based on the aPRO model by IPMA USA

The Model
The aPRO model was created by ASAPM, the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management. ASAPM is a not-for-profit professional society dedicated to advancing the practice of program and project management in the United States. ASAPM is the US Member Association of the global International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The aPRO standard does not just look at your project management processes. It includes a holistic review of the entire environment, including:

  • Aligning projects with organisation strategy
  • Providing executive leadership to the management of projects
  • Ensuring adequate resources for projects
  • Developing project management talent
  • Ensuring a reliable framework for project management

The aPRO assessment will provide more practical information to organisations than most current assessment models, and it requires less time and cost from the organisation and the assessor.

Our assessors are certified by IPMA USA for the aPRO standard.

We will work with you on assessing your organisation against the aPRO standard.

This will require a series of interviews and questionnaires for senior managers, project managers and subject matter experts.

We will look not only for feedback from key people in your organisation but also documentary evidence to support the feedback.

At the end of the assessment you will receive a report detailing the findings of the assessment against the PRO standard.

You will see the areas that need improvement.

We will also make recommendations for the areas that need to be improved to meet the PRO standard and we will prioritise the areas that need to be addressed.

Organizations that successfully meet the criteria in the PRO Standard will be eligible for certification by the IPEx Certification Service.

What comes next?
At this stage, you may decide to implement the improvements identified during the assessment. We will work with you using a customised set of processes, techniques and templates to achieve your objectives.
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The OPM3 Assessment based on the OPM3 Model by PMI

The Model
The Project Management Institute’s Organisational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) emphasizes the value of organisational project management in the execution of organisational strategies.  PMI, with its partner, DNV, has set up a certification program for individuals to conduct OPM3 assessments and to work to identify an OPM3 improvement program using a robust tool, OPM3 Product Suite.

Organizations that have conducted these assessments gain benefits such as fewer cost and schedule overruns, improved customer and team satisfaction, and a reduction in redundant programs and projects.

OPM3 Maturity Assessment

An IPEx certified OPM3 Assessor will work with your organisation to assess its project management maturity.  We will work with you to scope and tailor this assessment to meet your organisation’s unique needs.  During the assessment, we will conduct interviews and review your existing portfolio, program, and project management processes, procedures, and guidelines.  We will then analyse the data and prepare and deliver a detailed report of our findings according to the OPM3 Best Practices your organisation has achieved.  We will then transfer the data to you for your later use.

OPM3 Improvement Program

An IPEx OPM3 Consultant will work with your organisation to plan which Improvement Best Practices your organisation should implement based on your priorities, their attainability, benefits, and cost.  We can also work with you to build a metric path to business performance improvements.

Support to Implement Specific Best Practices

IPEx consultants can work with you to help you set up processes, procedures, and guidelines to quickly and effectively implement the key areas of improvement based on the OPM3 Program.

You receive the following products and services:

  • An analysis of the Best Practices in your organisation according to the OPM3 Assessment.
  • A detailed report and presentation on where your organisation stands according to the OPM3 model.
  • An improvement plan to help you gain a competitive advantage based on implementing the key Best Practices that are now in place.
What comes next?
At this stage, you may decide to implement the improvements identified during the assessment. We will work with you using a customized set of processes, techniques and templates to achieve your objectives.
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The ability to successfully execute projects provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our IPEx assessors and consultants work with you to determine where you stand and where you can improve.

We accompany you throughout this journey including the implementation.

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