We evaluate and validate knowledge and skills

of your current and future employees

for the management of your projects.

You know your job and you are certainly able to assess the knowledge and skills of your candidates for the area of application of your industry.

We can help you assess and measure the knowledge and skills of your candidates for managing projects.

This is our field of expertise!




Our solutions

Our knowledge and skills assessment and validation tools will help determine the level of knowledge of best project management practices a candidate has as well as her/his skills, i.e. her/his ability to apply this knowledge to the management of projects.



You are looking for candidates directly or through your recruitment agency (you can also identify employees within your teams whose skills you want to improve).


Verification and validation of knowledge and skills

In order to evaluate and validate professional knowledge and skills in project management, IPEx evaluates the shortlisted candidates. Several techniques and tools are available: knowledge and skills tests, project management simulation, case study resolution, etc., to be agreed with you.



IPEx provides you with a knowledge and skills analysis report and helps you make sound decisions in the recruiting process of your project managers. This evaluation will also serve you as a valuable input for decisions about necessary training and coaching needs to address specific weaknesses detected.

Our toolkit of assessment and validation of
knowledge and skills can be used:

For prospective candidates

For your employees already in place

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