Project Recovery Services

Is there a “yes” among your answers to the following questions?


Do you wish to regain customer confidence?


Do you need independent and impartial expertise to recover from a troubled project?


Do you want to preserve the current project schedule from further slippages?


Do you wish to eliminate sources of margin erosion to protect margins or improve cashflow performance?

IPEx project recovery services is money well spent. Our mission is to support your organization to prevent further schedule slippages, margin erosion and customer dissatisfaction which could jeopardize future orders.

Our project recovery service includes the following:

An assessment of the current project performance and the definition of mutually agreed SMART project performance goals.

The investigation and identification of the main root causes of poor project performance across key performance indicators (for example: on-time delivery, cash, margin and customer experience).

Areas that will be investigated include (but are not limited to)

  • scope management,
  • resource availability and/or capability,
  • roles and responsibilities,
  • risk management and
  • project monitoring & control.

A recovery plan outlining key findings and the most critical corrective and preventive actions that can be implemented rapidly for maximum impact.

A final review with you to ensure you are satisfied with the results and to evaluate whether other IPEx services could help further improve your organization’s performance.

The implementation of the most impactful corrective and preventive actions which may involve the deployment of qualified and certified project management experts to recover project performance.

Our experts can lead the implementation of the recovery plan or they can coach your team throughout the recovery process.

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