Project Evaluation, Review and Monitoring

Is there a “yes” among your answers to the following questions?


Do you want to assess the worth or merit of a potential, ongoing or completed project?


Would you like to interpret previous project failures and successes in order to improve current and future projects?


Would you like to identify areas of improvement during project implementation?


Would you like to provide more transparency to your partners, the project owner or other stakeholders about the responsible utilization of project resources?

IPEx services include the Evaluation, Review and Monitoring, of a project or program based on agreed performance criteria. We can advise on existing evaluation models. Our independent assessors provide a guarantee of objectivity, impartiality, reliability and credibility. All key project stakeholders are involved in the evaluation which guarantees transparency and quality of the approach.

Evaluation – Review – Monitoring


Project Evaluation

Our independent experts conduct a systematic and objective assessment of your on-going or completed project, its design, implementation and results.

Evaluations are tailored to your specific project and can be performed either during the project lifecycle or at the end of the project.

Our independent experts engage with internal and external project stakeholders to formulate a viable evaluation plan. Upon your approval of the latter, they shall design and plan the evaluation then collect, identify and analyze information and evidence.

They will share their findings with you and propose solutions that help you assess the worth of a potential, ongoing or completed project.

Their assessment will also help you make critical project-related decisions.


Project Review

Our independent experts conduct an assessment of the project performance, periodically or on an ad hoc basis.

Reviews are usually less comprehensive and/or in-depth than evaluations.

They tend to emphasize operational aspects and they do not need to contain an analysis as thorough as a project evaluation.

Reviews are appropriate if the project is analyzed, in order to interpret already existing results, work out lessons learnt together, or develop future strategies, which result from lessons learnt.

A project review may include some or all of the following:

  • schedule variance analysis,
  • margin erosion analysis,
  • cashflow analysis,
  • risk analysis,
  • customer experience analysis,
  • change control audit, and
  • commercial audit.

Project Monitoring

Our independent experts perform a continuous and systematic collection of data on specified indicators to provide management and the main stakeholders of an ongoing project with indications of the extent of progress and achievement of objectives and progress in the use of allocated funds and resources.

Project monitoring may include the implementation of digital tools and live KPIs to monitor real-time project or portfolio performance over time against your operating plan (on-time delivery, cashflow performance, contribution margins, customer experience).

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